Riad Siwan, a luxurious and tranquil sanctuary in the ancient medina of Marrakesh.

dining_room_2bLife in the Riad focuses inwards, a design principle favoured in Islamic notions of privacy. The name ‘Riad’ comes from the Arabic word for a garden, where trees and arcades create a peaceful oasis, lush with plants and cooled by fountains and pools.

The name ‘Siwan’ comes from the old days, when the Sultan of Morocco, during his travels spent the nights in Imperial Tents. The tent in which His Majesty received his Ministers, attended to his correspondence and sealed official documents was known as the SIWAN.

Riad Siwan is the result of three years of planning, finding the finest of traditional artisans and commissioning the best of Marrakech-based artists and furniture makers.

All curtains, fabrics and almost every piece of furniture and lighting have been specially designed and made in Marrakech for Riad Siwan. The style reflects a fascinating fusion of traditional Moroccan, African and European influences, but remains unmistakably Moroccan with many unique pieces of African and Moroccan art and photography which we have been collecting over the years during our travels in various parts of the world.

There are certain places on the surface of the earth that possess more magic than others. And one of those places is Marrakesh.

Paul Bowles


The Salon

We are in North Africa, and the colours of the salon reflect this: the red of Marrakech, the ‘rose-red city’, the rust and ochre tones of Morocco, and the yellow warmth of the African sun. Original architectural features are combined with contemporary elements, and wall niches, common in traditional Moroccan homes, display work from local artists. An internal garden with a tinkling fountain scattered with rose petals, and twittering birds, is central to the concept of Riad life. For cooler months, a fireplace adds cosiness, while the garden is kept in view through glass doors.

The Dining Room

One of the most delightful artworks in Riad Siwan is to be found in the dining room – four hundred and forty droplets of mouth-blown glass that appear to fall from an open roof like glistening raindrops. The rough horse-shoe arches of the central pillars cast back to the room’s original use as a kitchen and store room, but soft tones of taupe and purple coupled with the burnished lustre of the tadelakt walls give a glow of romanticism to this beautiful room.


The Roof Terrace

Whether for sun bathing, open-air dining, relaxing in the shady lounge area or cooling off in the pool, the spacious roof terrace is one of the places most favoured by guests to while away their days.

Climb the stairs of the tower (described by one guest as the Eye of Marrakech) and you are standing at the highest point in the medina, other than the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, (no building is allowed to be taller.

Turn 360º and you view the full aspect of the city, and off to the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains.

A full drinks and kitchen service means meals can be served on the terrace year-round, and there is always someone to make a glass of mint tea or bring you a cooling drink.

“It was almost as if we were guests in their home”


  • a small gem!

    “We were very impressed with this Riad and we had a perfect experience staying there, owning no less to the welcoming and hospitable staff. Since it is a very small Hotel, with I believe only 6 suites if I'm not mistaken, we were almost in private (4 rooms occupied by our company).  ”

    Mantis a
    Mantis a
  • Exceptional Stay

    “Exceptional. Nothing to criticize. Beautifully and artfully appointed, professional and friendly staff and a top notch manager. Dinner was the best meal we had in Marrakesh. Highly recommended.Excellent food. Easy to find in the Medina. Small lap pool for the heat.”

    Santa Rosa
    Santa Rosa
  • Stay here and don't miss their dinner

    “This is a lovely property remodeled very tastefully by Case and his wife--a very nice Dutch couple. The rooms are all different and all lovely. Roomy and with lovely bathrooms. Their breakfast are quite good and their dinners are fantastic. Their fish Pastilla is really a super treat.”

    San Francisco
    San Francisco