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A cozy suite of softer tones, with a rug of rich reds, pinks and orange to add colour.
two of the triplet arched doors give access to recessed cupboards to give storage space without invading the room.
The bed is antique Colonial, and the chaise longue adds a touch of loucheness to this charming suite, which also has a private veranda overlooking the garden.


Rich purple and orange, with tinges of grey and luxuriant maroon give this twin room on the first floor a luscious ambience, especially when the warm Moroccan light filters through the curtains.

A traditional bay window with a hand-carved screen of cedar-wood, a mashrabiya, keeps you hidden from public view while allowing you to watch the world outside. In cooler months you can curl up in front of a cosy fireplace.





The ‘African’ room. Soothing, mellow blends of muted yellows and brick red complement the masculine tones of the furnishings in this double room.

Stark ancient African artefacts pair perfectly with the lush rug under your feet and as you recline in the leather sling-seat chairs you can imagine yourself out on the high veldt.

The mashrabiya that overlooks the plant-filled patio, an oriel window of hand-carved wooden latticework, adds space and light to the room.

Khorbat-2 Khorbat-3

Sidi Ifni

The original mellowed cedar-wood ceiling and the soft greens of this ground floor room blend perfectly with the garden and the rose petals scattered in the fountain, just a step away from your private terrace. Warm tones are added by the muted purple drapes of the four-poster bed and light cascades from a chandelier of conical lamps. Thick curtains keep the room warm as well as provide intimacy at night; day-time curtains and glass doors allow the warm Moroccan light to enter while guarding your privacy at other times.

For winter months there is an open fireplace to curl up beside. The spacious bathroom of red and grey marble, with dusky red tadelakt walls, has a deep Victorian-style roll top bath and a large walk-in shower.

Sidi-Ifni-2 Sidi-Ifni-3

Tan Tan

A ground floor twin room of warm reddish tones highlighted by touches of yellow, this peaceful room allows you to relax your eyes from the dazzle of the souk, but with elegant points of decoration, such as the Berber jewellery and contemporary Moroccan artwork that maintain your presence in Marrakech.

Day-time curtains provide privacy while being fine enough to allow you to enjoy the garden. For cooler months, glass doors keep out the chill but not the view. By night, lush curtains and a four metre hand-carved cedar-wood door cocoon you in your own romantic world. Tan Tan can be converted into a double room with a 180x200cm bed.



The ‘Honeymoon Suite’, and, for greater privacy, the only room not facing onto the patio.

Intricately carved pillars, a beautifully decorated ceiling, and horse-shoe arches make no doubt that you are in a Moroccan home. A chaise longue to recline on, deep chairs reminiscent of the colonial era to settle in, upholstered in saffron fabric to add a robust touch to the room, and an open fireplace make this the perfect romantic hideaway, but the piece de resistance is the wonderfully eccentric four-poster bed designed by Hicham El Madi.


Walata-2 Walata-3


Qamar means ‘moon’ and to reflect this, the ambience of this special room is the silver of moonlight and the rich purple of shadows cast at night.
This spacious room allows for spacious pieces, and the high-back chairs are as much a work of art as are splendid for relaxing on in front of the fireplace. An exotic silken chaise longue sits in the traditional b’hou, with its glowing cedar-wood ceiling, a perfect place to while away the time when you aren’t enjoying your private veranda overlooking the garden. The starlight bathroom ceiling continues the theme of the moon and a night of romance, as you lounge in the deep roll-top bath, the surface of the water scattered with rose petals. The bathroom also has a large walk-in shower. There is a separate toilet and walk-in closet.

Qamar-2 Qamar-3