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Leisure Activities

We obviously want you to make the most of your visit to Marrakech – there is so much to see and do that we are still discovering new places and things to do ourselves – but we also know from our own travel experiences that sometimes it’s nice not to have to spend all your time sightseeing. With that in mind we have created a selection of activities for your enjoyment within the walls of Riad Siwan.

Cookery course

This is without doubt the most popular of our activities. Rabia, our cook, is the heart of the kitchen in Riad Siwan., and there’s little she doesn’t know about traditional Moroccan cuisine, as well as being very inventive. With a ‘chef’s glass’ in your hand, for two to three hours (depending on the dish), Rabia, will guide you through a recipe for either lunch or dinner. Printed recipe, notepad and all the spices you need are provided – and you can take them home with you. If there is a particular dish you would like to prepare, including vegetarian or fish dishes, please let us know in advance and we will have everything ready for you.

Body care and spa treatments

Fatima is a talented professional masseuse and beautician, using only natural products made in Morocco. Her massage will relax you from top-to-toe, but you should really treat yourself and enjoy her body scrub, facial and hair treatments, manicure and pedicure in the privacy of your own room. By appointment only. (One regular guest who has a small hotel in Spain loves Fatima’s treatments so much that she ‘borrowed’ her to teach her own staff. Fortunately for Riad Siwan., Fatima came back.

Belly dancing

Don’t be put off by thinking that belly dancing is only for the young and svelte, raqs sharqi is a wonderful way to exercise as well as making you feel more feminine and sensual at any age. Marie is French, and teaches oriental dance at the renowned Francis Goya Music School. She has developed her own elegant choreography to give you an introduction to this fascinating art.

Basic language class

Have you ever wished you could haggle better, shop like a local, understand the directions you are given when you get lost in the Medina, or simply exchange pleasantries with the locals? This light-hearted class will see you roll-playing a variety of situations that will help you learn a few words and phrases in the local dialect to make your stay in Marrakech so much more fun – and might even shave a few dirhams of your souvenirs! Lasts one hour thirty minutes. For groups of between 3-10.


Sisqo will astound you with his card tricks and close contact magic, but he’ll also make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve (quite literally!) to dazzle your friends when you return from your holiday.

Porcelain painting

For this half-day course we leave Riad Siwan. and travel to the atelier of Beldine, a workshop that teaches women to paint glass and ceramics to provide them with their own income and independence. (Most of the lovely crockery used in Riad Siwan has been made and decorated by the ladies of Beldine.) You can work with your own design or those of the atelier, but you need to be staying in Marrakech for at least two days to allow for the firing process to be completed.