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Other than Walata and Qamar, all our bedrooms are named after villages we visited in our travels through Morocco; places of happy memories, of people, of light and colour, a meal shared or a discovery made.

As with all the furnishings and decoration in Riad Siwan, everything has been specifically designed and made by local craftspeople for each individual room. From the richly woven curtains and bed linen from the atelier of Brigitte Perkins, to the toiletry containers in the bathroom, hand-made by Myriam Mourabit, by way of elegant chaise longue, cascading lamps, ancient sculptures and contemporary art, everything comes together with an eye to the finest detail. Spacious bathrooms of marble, polished granite and tadelakt, the traditional lime plaster of Morocco that gave the walls of palaces and hammams their lustrous finish; private terraces; painstakingly hand carved wooden latticework screens of the mashrabiya, allowing you to look outward on life without being observed; glass doors for cooler months so you can be at ease in your room while still being able to enjoy the pleasure of the central garden. No detail has been overlooked that will make your stay at Riad Siwan remain with you long after you have left Marrakech.

The Riad has been designed so that the ground-floor bedrooms are screened but still open to view the gardens.

All rooms include:

  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Hand and rain shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Les Sens de Marrakech (bath/bathing/beauty) products
  • Towels and Bathrobes,
  • Fresh fruit bowl
  • Bottled water