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Everything from the yoghurt, bread and msemen, Moroccan pancakes, served for your roof-top breakfast, to the fish or pigeon pastilla and poulet au citron you enjoy in our ever-so-slightly-decadent dining room, is prepared in the kitchen of Riad Siwan. Where possible we used vegetables fresh from our own gardens a short drive from Jmaa el Fna. We enjoy experimenting with new varieties as the seasons change, so you might well be invited to try a new recipe created by Rabia, our talented cook.

The kitchen is the pulsating heart of any riad, and in the hands of Rabia your experience of Moroccan cuisine will make you a devotee from the first mouthful (and which will probably make you want to experience one of our cookery courses so you can take her secrets home with you).

If you were invited to Rabia’s home, as an honoured guest you would dine on dishes similar to those at Riad Siwan, but it would be no ordinary ‘home-made’ meal. Like most Moroccan ladies she learned the basics at her mother’s knee, but it was her experience working with top chefs at grand weddings and special events, where only the highest quality food is ever served, that honed her skills and made her the inspirational cook she now is.

‘The spices used in Moroccan food are what makes it so special, but it takes a long time to learn how to use them properly. Most people simply use Ras al Hanout, a mixture of spices, often made to a shop’s particular recipe, and some of these are very good. But what most people don’t realise is that there are two types of Ras al Hanout, one that contains forty different spices, called lamrozzia and another with twenty-four spices, which is hotter. One problem is that you can never be sure exactly what quantities have been used in the mix, and because of that I prefer to use them individually, so I can prepare a meal to suit each guest’s individual taste.’

To complement your meal we offer a selection of Moroccan wines, which, to most people’s surprise, are far better than you might imagine.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we will make sure you enjoy Moroccan cuisine at its best. If you wish to dine outside Riad Siwan, we are very happy to suggest restaurants of all levels in Marrakech to suit your individual preferences.